Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness.
— Edward Smith-Stanley (1752-1834)

I have a special interest in working with Hormone Balancing, Digestive HealthDiabetes Care and Prevention and Weight Loss and am passionate about doing deep inner work to bring out the best in each and every person I work with

I believe in developing a strong relationship with patients and do my best to listen deeply to their concerns.  Many patients consider me part doctor, part life coach and part friend.  In this way I am able to provide individualized medicine to address both the root of the problem and the current symptom picture. My only agenda is to help create more joy, health and improve quality of life for my patients. I believe that for true healing people need to pursue their passions, realize their full potential in this world and learn to love themselves. If this work sounds meaningful to you then I may be the right Doctor for you.